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Squeak that Goes Away when Braking

I’ve got a 2005 Toyota Camary. It has a high pitched squeak that occurs off and on, but always disappears the second I press on the break. It sounds like it’s coming from the driver’s side… possibly the driver’s side rear?

Any ideas? Thanks!

Your brake pads may be worn to the point where the wear indicator is hitting the rotor. This is a safety feature to warn you that you need new brake pads. When you step on the brake, you press the pads against the rotor and the noise goes away. Get it fixed!

Since it is coming from the rear, unlikely to be a vacuum-leaking brake servo. Sounds instead like maybe something is stuck a little with one wheel of the brakes. Some part may simply need to be lubed with some brake grease. There’s also a chance this is just the brake pad warning system starting to activate – indicating you will need new pads soon. Most pads are designed to make a horrible screeching noise when they start to wear to beyond the safe limits. How long since you had the brake pads replaced, in miles I mean?

In any event, a good mechanic can probably tell you without too much effort what is wrong simply by doing a visual inspection – pulling all four wheels and doing a look-see.

Awesome, thanks! I’ll get it in to a mechanic and have them pull the wheels and take a look.