2010 Toyota RAV4 lights won't shut off

Engine light ,traction light stays on . We had that checked and told us it was e vapor problem. Is this a recall.?Also is this still on warranty because of emission problem.?

You can search for recalls here;

Traction is your problem and likely so is the vapor recovery system problem. It could be as simple as a gas cap.

Some toyota’s will toss a traction control light whenever another system calls for a Check Engine Light.

What was the exact code you got from the vehilce’s computer?

We went for wheels enlignement for the first time since we have the car. The guy said he had To grind to do a good job. The very next day the lights came on. Could this be the reason?

Grind? Did he grind away the epoxy that was applied during the rear suspension arm recall?

You will have to diagnose the evaporative emissions problem to determine if something was damaged during the wheel alignment.

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Also, either you or a mechanic should clean the connections at the battery, and check the condition of the battery. Sometimes a failing battery will make these lights go on. I don’t know why.

I’m with @Nevada_545: what did they grind???