2011 Toyota RAV4 check engine light went on after driving in heavy rain

I have a 2011 Toyota RAV4. The other day I was driving in heavy rain. I parked the car in the parking garage and when I came back, I noticed the check engine light and traction control were on. The car seemed mostly fine driving it home (it had a very slight tug probably from traction control) and I always get maintenance done so I don’t know what could be the problem. Could this just be a sensor that got set off? I’m not sure but it’s been a week and the light is still on and I can’t get it looked at until this weekend? Any thoughts on what it could be?

Take the car to someplace like Autozone where they’ll read the codes for free. Post them here so we can give you some guesses as to what’s going on. Yes, tt could just be a sensor, but again, we need the codes :slight_smile: