Battery light, EPS, Airbag lights, Steering wheel stuck: please help! 2010 Toyota RAV4

Hello! This is my first post on here so please be easy on me. I have a Toyota RAV4, 2010, 4Cyl - 2.5L with 166,500 miles on it. The other night it started making a whining noise, which I ignored until the morning when I turned it on to go to work. I turned the key and heard clicking noises. I jump started it and it turned on but when I was about to turn out of the driveway, the EPS light, ABS, Airbag lights all went on and my steering wheel was very hard to turn. Can anyone provide me with some insight on what this could be? This battery is about 1 1/2 years old and I want to go to a mechanic with at least some idea of what could be going on.

It is simple , you just tell the mechanic what you wrote here . It is his job to find out the problem and fix it. The last thing you want to do is tell the mechanic to fix something and that not solve the problem.
This should be an easy repair.

The battery light indicates a charging system failure, the whining noise was the sound of the alternator failing. Low voltage will cause those warning lights to turn on and shut down the electric power steering.

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