2006 Toyota Corolla - Fading paint

My paint job on the roof, hood and trunk (top surfaces) has faded, the paint crackling on the hood and trunk lids and the roof is almost gone. This started about 6 years ago.

NORMAL for many Pacific rim manufacturers, even for some domestic companies.
But why complain SIX years after it started?

You made a statement. Do you have a question?

What color? There is a program for white ongoing.

On a fourteen year old vehicle?

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And, it’s only 14 years old!

Perhaps you should have explored the possibility of assistance from the manufacturer 6 years ago.
Assistance would have been unlikely at that point, but now that your car is 14 years old, the only solution for you is to visit a few auto body shops and get estimates for a re-paint, at your expense.

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No offense meant, but do you wash and wax the car? Wax helps prevent paint fade by protecting the clear coat. The clear coat protects the paint color, which goes on before the clear.

Here in my neck of the woods, lots of cars that get washed and waxed monthly still have faded and/or flaking clear coat after several years

In my opinion, some areas are so brutal that nothing except being garage kept 365 days of the year will prevent lousy paint and/or clear coat in the end

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