2010 Chevrolet Cobalt- Electrical Issue

Hi All, I have a 2010 Chev Cobalt LT, bought brand new off the lot- at about 15,000 km’s, I started to experience some electrical issues… Basically, what it is the parking brake light comes on in the instrument panel along with the all the other warning lights, both speedo and rpm gauges stop working, – basically EVERYTHING electrical, but the lights, and turn signals, hazards work-- took it in to the GM Dealer- they cleaned the BCM Connectors, it was fine for about 4 months- now it’s doing it again… Same thing as before warning lights come on, and everything stops except last night the Keyless Entry would not work at all… This has me stumped and it’s annoying having to take it all the time… Anyone have any ideas?

I should also mention, that when it does this it is either night time, or on the weekend, it’s NEVER when the dealer is open which makes it even more difficult…

Canada, Eh ?
The Fact That When The Dealer Cleaned The BCM Connector, Disturbed The BCM, And “Fixed” The Problems Temporarily, Makes Me Suscpicious Of The BCM Itself.

Do you know if the dealer scanned for any Body trouble codes stored within ? (This information could be on your receipt - Repair Order (be sure to get one each visit)

Do you know if the dealer applied any dielectric lubricant to the connector after they cleaned it ? (GM even has their own part/part number for this)

Do you know if they consulted any GM Technical Service Bulletins, particularly 7 page bulletin # 09-06-03-004D (12/8/2010) ?

The bulletins are written for GM technicians, not for the public. The bulletin mentioned discusses intermittent module connections and solutions.

No speedo is dangerous. I think the dealer needs to take this to the next level and maybe replace the BCM. I would suggest a visit from and or meeting with a Chevrolet Service & Parts Zone Representative, arranged by the dealer. Your vehicle will need to attend.


Yeah, it should be under warranty, so stay on the dealer until they really fix the problem.

In response to csa- yes they scanned the veh for trouble codes and a whole bunch came back on the radio but it’s all foreign to me. That was with Ryan at Murray Chev. Then again when it acted up I took it back to same dealer and dealt with my normal s/a Amanda (btw I’m a certified automotive service advisor, and even I can’t figure this out lol) she had them clean the bcm, and apply the dielectric lubricant, and that seemed to work for 4 months, but now it’s doing it all the time, it’s quite random though because sometimes the radio itself will just act up, as well as the dusk sensor for the auto headlights… it’s frustrating for them, and for me but yes I will keep on them until they fix it. b/c of this issue, I am taking an extended warranty thru GM, and it’s at 43 k now…