2006 Sierra Dashboard Bulbs Mysteriously Burned Out

I recently had my ignition cylinder replaced at the dealer. Immediately after this repair, I noticed that several lights were out - lower left radio, lower left dashboard, lower left steering wheel control, some light controls, and drivers side daytime running light. I brought it back to the dealer, and they told me that it was a coincidence that all these bulbs burned out at once (and all on the lower left side) and is not related to their repair. I’m not convinced. Any ideas or recommendations?

Let me guess. It is not under warranty?

I am going to suggest three possibilities.

  1. Bad ground (could be dealer fault)

  2. Those circuits that are out could all be served by the same computer (or ground, and that computer is out.

  3. You are the most unlucky person alive

  4. There always is the possibility that the dealer is right, …… Yea.

  5. Frankly I then to think the most likely is #1.

No matter what it problem with your car may be, your bigger problem is the dealer. With the exception of work covered by the manufacturer, you have no obligation to have work done by the dealer. Many people prefer to pay and have a local mechanic do the work and avoid the dealer totally.

See if you can get this excuse in writing. I would also consider contacting GMC

Thanks Joseph, going to have someone check the ground. My husband says that it is very odd because it takes a pretty high current to burn out all those LEDs.

Yeah, I learned about dealers this week! The dealer told me I needed a new evap vent solenoid (at $465). Went to a local recommended mechanic who said they would do the work for $250. Took the truck in this morning and the mechanic calls me to say that it is not the solenoid…appears that my gas cap isn’t sealing well. He cleaned it off and greased it (no charge of course). So far the check engine light hasn’t come back on.

I’m working on a “nice” letter to the dealer and GMC.