Technical service bulletins

I have a 2010 Chevy traverse, which is a replacement for my 2009 traverse that was totaled by a 22 year old and his girlfriend. I have parking assist which is both lights in the rear that turn red as you destroy what is behind you and the beep sound that alerts you as you destroy what is behind you. My rear assist lights were not working so I brought it to the Chevy dealer. He said there was a TSB that said all 2010 traverse backup assist lights were to be disabled but I would still have the beep noises. Apparently there was no problem on the 2009 but some problem on the 2010.

Is this correct? How can I find the latest TSB for my car? I liked the light assist, especially for my wife.

Any help would be appreciated.


Youo can get a copy of th eTSB from the dealer srevice department.

This is something to discuss with GM’s corporate customer service folks, via the toll-free phone number in your Owner’s Manual. What the service writer told you may well be true, but if a feature on your new car is going to be disabled by corporate edict, then you are entitled to a refund the amount of money that you paid for this feature when you purchased the car.

First off, never put much faith into what service writers say. The vast majority have more stuffing than a Thanksgiving turkey. On an issue like this he could be right but what you do is ask him to provide a copy of this TSB to you and make sure there is nothing lost in translation.

Just my opinion here, but it seems like Government Motors is opening up a real can of worms IF they are stating that backup lights should be disabled rather than do a proper repair. Proper repair translates to a Recall of course.
So someone who is hearing impaired (I’m one) may not hear the beep and may then back over someone or something in the dark. Hello class action lawsuit.

I think that the OP is referring to the proximity warning lights (light up if you are close to backing into something), not the exterior back-up lamps that come on when you are in reverse.

I agree, but I think OK4450 made a good point. If one backs over a child because the proximity warning lights were disbled it becomes a situation of a safety system having been disabled by a manufacturer TSB that could have kept a child from getting crushed. And a manufacturer with deep pockets to boot. A lawyer’s dream case.

Yes, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think it’s at all proper to disable a feature that the vehicle was sold to the OP as having. I don’t understand why they couldn’t make it work if it worked on previous years.
I think that I would at least demand that they properly (and at no charge) install an aftermarket system that is equivalent.

I would not understand how a room full of engineers can design something like this but not be able to come up with a fix other than disabling the system.

A huge number of people don’t even pay attention to temperature gauges, oil pressure lights, etc. so why would they give a darn about a proximity light.

Thank you all. I do appreciate all the input. I will first make another trip to the dealer and see if I can get a copy of the TSB. Regardless how that turns out, I will also call GM and find out more information on the park assist lights. It worked fine on my 2009 but not 2010. It does not seem to make sense to me as well.
Again thanks. Your help is great. Will take it with me when I contact the dealer and GM.