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No brake lights

man when it rains it pores. I have been driving my 96 s-10 as my 90 olds wont start but now the truck duznt hav tail brake lights. the brake light on the back of the cab works. well one duz. its has 2 fuse type lights in it and one is burnt out. so why duz cab light work and not tail brake light? electrical probs are def not my strong point this truck has alot of custom stuff on it including under carriage lights its fast and oh soooo sweet thats why I bought it.I dont wanna drive it much but for now Im forced to til we figure out the olds prob.should I just take it to a shop since it has so many extras on it? Im sure it has alot of splices into the factory wiring. your thoughts please.

Take it to someone who knows how to trace wiring with an multimeter.

Your choppy text might be easier for you to write (wouldn’t be for me) but it’s difficult to read and a little annoying. That’s probably why it took so long for you to get a reply