2010 Nissan Versa - Break-in miles for brakes

Do you have to drive a certain amount of mile for the chirping to stop after changing front brake caliper , pads , rotors, serpent belt bled and flushed brakes .

Is the noise constant or only when you apply the brakes?

early in the morning when it rains and when turning like now nothing.

Just guessing, I don’t think it is the brakes. It could be the brake dust shield.

I was wondering if you had to drive it over a certain amount of miles and everything is all good again seem ok. now . See I had all the front brakes done and everything to do with front brakes. But I also had the serpent belt done and it was fine. til the next morning the belt came off and split down the middle.I pulled over got it out and went straight back to the repair shop that did the work they put in a new one again. Its been quit today but every morning on my way to work it chirped and peeped and sometimes squeaked. but yesterday had one good chirp and I haven’t heard it yet or today. I hope that’s the case drive and get all the squeaks out and it resets its self. thank you Cheryl

Ah that makes a difference, it could be the tensioner pulley, the bearings do wear out. This is the part that maintains the tension of the serpentine belt. The pulley can be replaced or the tensioner with pulley can be replaced. Pulley only is the cheaper option. But may be worthwhile to change the tensioner.
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Do you know if the proper brake bedding procedure was performed when the new brake parts were installed?



I’ve replaced front pads quite a few times on my vehicles and never had a squeak or any other noise appear. So I don’t think that’s normal. It’s possible whoever did the job forgot to thoroughly clean the new rotors before installing them. New rotors come from the factory with an anti-rust coating that must be removed before installation.

yes the fluid looked clean and changed or bled nothing lighting on the dash with these newer cars I was wondering if you had to drive a certain amount of miles and it resets itself. or like you said yesterday it might need a new serpent rotator