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Screeching Brake Metal Noise after long drive

When I park and start my car after a long drive, it makes a very loud screeching noise when the brake is applied. The sound goes away after 15 minutes or so. This also happens sometimes when I pull out of the driveway in the morning (only when I turn the wheels). My brakes were changed 3 months ago and works great.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

The dealer changed my rear brakes yesterday. All the brakes are new now. The sound seems to come from the front (passenger side). The puzzling thing is that this happens only once in a while; but when it happens, the sound is very loud.

That’s a very confusing description.

Presumably you reported this to whatever dealer you went to yesterday? Were they able to reproduce the sound? Were the front brakes inspected again? What did they have to say?

As for the description, it sounds like the long drive may be coincidental? Since you’ve also gotten it first thing in the morning? And what does it have to do with the brake? It seems like you say that if you take a long drive, then stop, then restart the car, then apply the brake it screeches - for 15 minutes? The only thing I can envision is you holding your foot on the brake for 15 minutes. Otherwise its hard to say where the brakes figure into it - esp. because in the morning when pulling out of your driveway you’re presumably not applying the brake either. Unless you mean that the screeching is only when you put the brakes on when you’re leaving the driveway.

In short - its really hard to tell exactly what is happening when. Can you give a more careful description of what you are doing and the conditions that produce this noise?

Sorry for the confusion. I took the car to the dealer 2 days back and explained the problem. They took the car for a short drive, but could not reproduce the noise (since it does not happen all the time). They inspected all 4 brakes and determined that the 2 rear brakes (and rotors) need replacing. The front brakes were in good condition (they had replaced it 3 months ago). I replaced the 2 rear brakes/rotors, but I can still reproduce the noise. The car has 100,000 miles on it. The conditions under which the car produces this noise are:
(a) when I am backing out of the driveway, with the wheels turned slightly left and I brake
(b) I drive the car on the highway for at least 20 min at 55+mph, then park the car in the office building for 20 min or so, then start and drive the car again and I apply the brake. In this case, the noise disappears after 15 min of driving the car. In other words, if I apply the brake after 15 min of driving the car, I don’t hear the sound.
The sound is produced only when I apply the brakes.