2010 Mazda Mazda3 warning lights

My 2010 Mazda 3 hatchback now runs (just fine with only 31K miles) with the ABS and Traction control lights on. The dealer tells me it’s the computer, and needs to be replaced…at my expense. I think this is a failure of the most important safety feature on the car, and it should be repaired by Mazda. Certainly, the car is less safe than when the ABS was working! Could it be due to something else? Should NHTSA be notified, before someone dies? Yes, Mazda says they have a TSB on the problem, so they know about it. What do you think?

8 year old car. Out of warranty. Stuff gets old, stuff breaks. BTW, The brakes themselves are more important to safety that the ABS/TC system and they are not warranted for 8 years and they still work.

Since there is a TSB on this, see if you can get a goodwill repair or at least a reduced cost repair. Be firm, but don’t scream and rant and maybe this can be settled to the satisfaction of both parties.