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2010 Mitsubishi Lancer - ABS warning

I have a 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer with 52,896 miles and for the last few months when I drive it it occasionally shows the ABS warning signal. The first time it did this, I called the dealership and they had me drive it in. Of course by the time I got there the warning was gone and they said they could find nothing wrong with the car. A few weeks later it did it again and I took it back to the dealership. Same scenario, by the time I got there the warning had gone off and again they could find nothing wrong. They then asked that I leave the car with them for a day or two, which I did, and after three days they brought back my car and told me the ABS unit was bad and needed to be replaced—to the tune of about $2500. I decided to take it to the garage which services our Dodge truck and they told me nothing was wrong with the UBS system except with a software glitch but unfortunately they were not equipped to fix it on a Mitsubishi. Since then the ABS warning signal comes on every now and then but at times it does not appear at all. Obviously, on rainy days I do not drive the car since I don’t trust the brakes on wet road. But I also do not really trust the dealership. What would you suggest I do. I would love to trade it in since I never really liked the car (my late husband picked it out) but if I take it in as a trade in on another car and the ABS warning signal comes they will probably not even want the car as a trade in.

You don’t like the vehicle , you don’t really want to spend 2500.00 on it , If during the trade process for another vehicle and they balk because of the light then just return home . Your brakes will work you just night not have ABS and people drove for years without ABS .

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If you live in a fair size town there’s probably a shop that specializes in Japanese cars, another that specializes in German cars, etc. If you have such a shop available, take the car there for another opinion. If that’s not an option, trade it in. A dealer will either fix it or sell it as-is.

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