Mazda 3 transmission problem 2 months out of warranty

I’ve had 4 fine years with my Mazda 3 hatchback and the romance may be crashing to a halt. The AT warning light came on, it’s been shifting hard and once would not come out of third at highway speed. The warranty expired two months ago but the mileage is under the 50K cap.

I don’t see any related service bulletins. Am I hosed? Do I need to abase myself before the regional service manager and how likely am I to get them to cover this? I have all the maintenance records and have been following the recommended service schedule.

In this day and age, I feel entitled to more than 47.5K out of an automatic transmission. I know, I know, a feeling of entitlement and $2 will get me a large coffee.

Hopefully you’ve had a good relationship with your dealer. Speak to them NICELY and keep your fingers crossed, possibly they’ll give you a goodwill repair. I also hope you’ve kept the transmission serviced correctly and have receipts.

THIS IS NORMAL… The transmission is in LIMP MODE. Limp mode means that the transmission computer has picked up a problem that can damage the transmission if left unrepaired. To keep the transmission from destroying itself the computer locks the transmission in 3rd gear and raises the line pressure in the trans to keep the clutches from slipping. You need to get the computer scanned and the codes read. Take it to one of your local auto parts stores that read codes. They usually do it for free. Have them scan it and write down everything the code reader says including the code # and description. Post them here and we will go from there. And one other thing, DONT WORRY YET. This could be something real simple like an engine sensor or a speed sensor. Just get the codes read.


Was there ever a documented issue, ie; attempted diagnosis but problem not verifiable, prior to passing the date, that was even slightly related to the eventual malfunction ?
Even if no repairs were made at that time , it could help document a pre existing condition that will easily allow warranty work now.

If not, it may still be accomplished by the dealer with them communicating with their warranty approval people first.

Being so close to date, it must be investigated, ASAP to maximize this short time table to your best advantage.

If you have serviced the car exlusively at Mazda dealer go there ASAP. It helps a lot. You may get all or most of repair covered by Mazda. I would start there.