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2010 Lexus GX 460 - What could it be?

Vehicle stopped in motion, and refuse to start again.

Could be timing belt, fuel pump, ignition module, PCM, ran out of gas, dead battery or a host of other things. Need more info. Any funny noises before or after it stopped? Does it crank? ( Don’t crank very long, just enough to know if it cranks). Is there oil in it? Is check engine light on? Is the battery fully charged? Were there any warning lights on prior to shutdown?

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The Check engine light flashed while the vehicle was in motion before the vehicle suddenly stopped. It has refused to start ever since… oil is gauged okay. Similarly, the battery is fully charged.

Unfortunately you need to get this vehicle looked at by someone who has a scanner to read the information that’s stored in the computer in the car. Almost any auto repair shop can do that.

Does that engine utilize a timing belt?
I don’t think so.

I believe this vehicle has a timing chain. So I think I would go in the direction of checking for spark. If you don’t work on cars, your best bet would be to have it towed to a good independent service shop and let them check it out. If you know how to see if there is SUFFICIENT spark at plugs then do that and come back here. You can get spark testers at parts stores, but remember you may be purchasing testing tools just to eliminate one symtom. Chasing this could be quite cumbersome, but a shop has tools and experience.

The problem might be caused by a faulty Crankshaft Position Sensor.,2010,gx460,4.6l+v8,1445667,ignition,crankshaft+position+sensor,7196

The Crankshaft Position Sensor informs the computer whether or not the crankshaft is rotating. And from that signal the computer decides if it should operate ignition and fuel systems. If the computer see’s no signal from this sensor, the engine won’t run.

Another function of the Crankshaft Position Sensor is to detect for cylinder misfires. And if a misfire is severe enough, the Check Engine light will flash.

So what you might have seen when the Check Engine light flashed was, Crankshaft Position Sensor giving up the ghost until it finally failed.


Thanks really so much.

It could be that telephone pole that is now sticking out of the middle of the hood. We would use a bit more info on this one.

If the crank sensor cuts out while engine is running, it will keep running using the ECU. It will not start after it stops.


I stand corrected. I was either taught wrong, or learned wrong about this. So the crank sensor possibility is still a strong one here. Thank you