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Lexus GX 460 Trouble Lights

For knoe apparent reason, this 2012 GX 460 will start flashing the 4- LO trouble light and check engine light…at the same time the shift lever inside cabin gets sluggish and hard to move.

Usually this goes away by itself upon continued driving…but clearly something is rotten in Denmark.


what issues does the vehicle exhibit when the light flashes? motor runs poorly? odd shifting? no OD?
i would normally say a vehicle such as this never sees dirt? or off road excurisions?
i would also say i have never seen no misspelled as “knoe”. i know that is odd.

Sorry about the ‘knoe’…so much for spell-check.

The only noticeable symptom beyond the check engine light is that it is harder to maneuver the transmission shift lever, and sometimes the dash lights don’t show what gear you are in.

The car runs and drives fine otherwise.

also…to answer your question about dirt…this vehicle is always clean

Have you had the codes read at a car parts store?

Your are shifting from drive to park? I only shift from park to rev and than to drive, and eventually from drive to park. I don’t see how a linkage issue would pop up as you cruise along in D. The computer is seeing something amiss for the shift indicator lights to do their little flash sequence.

A common problem for that vehicle is the secondary air injection pump and switching valve failure, there is now a recall for those parts. That is only a guess, the fault codes will need to be checked.

I have never experienced a problem will the shift lever however when the fault occurs for the air pump the engine goes into limp mode, there is a significant reduction in power.

Thank you Nevada…I have recently seen the a warranty repair note that Lexus will address the Secondary Air Pump…which is most likely cause of warning lights which go away I suppose when the moisture problem goes away…not sure about the shifting symptom either but we’ll see what happens when they eliminate the air pump problem
Thanks for your help !

A OBD/2 scanner is fairly cheap to buy these days. It might help to see the code. It may even be stored too. I like it for the additional info it gives (ie, my car doesn’t calculate MPGs on any display, but I can hook up my iPhone and get instant and avg MPGs, which is kinda nice).

Got my Lexus fixed at dealer for $0……covered by extended warranty on SA Pump.



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