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Engine dies while driving my 1998 Mazada 626

While driving my car on the highway the engine died on me. I made several attempts to start the car again with no success. The mechanic has yet to find what the problem is. He has checked the timing belt, fuel pump, and everything else. Has this happened to anyone else and if so was the problem corrected?

Have him check if the crankshaft position sensor failed.

If the computer loses the signal from the crank sensor, it see’s no reason to operate the ignition/fuel systems so the engine shuts off and won’t restart.


I’ve had this happen on a VW Rabbit when the fuel pump relay suddenly quite working.

So you’ve towed the car to the shop and they can’t figure out what is wrong? Fundamental gasoline engine technology has changed very little in 100 years. The problem almost certainly has to be from among the following; the shop just needs to check each, one by one, until they discover the problem.

  1. spark
  2. fuel
  3. compression
  4. ignition timing
  5. valve timing

Does your Mazda use a timing belt? Is it overdue for a change, either by miles or time (5-7 years)? If so, that’s a possibility. A compression or valve timing check would show it.