2010 Kia Soul - Weird noises

Erratic front end noises a on turns and straight sometimes wnen brakes are applied less or more noise usually not there after overnight for about 3 miles then returns

Brake pad wear indicators can make that kind of noise.

It’s that metal tab sticking up in the image.

Have the brakes inspected.


Concur w/post above, pretty good chance it is a problem with the brakes. It would probably be helpful to the shop you take it to if you’d also tell them the results of a few driving experiments.

Is there any change to the sound or loudness when

  • accelerating vs driving at a constant speed (both in gear, “D”)?
  • driving at a constant speed in D vs coasting in N?
  • braking in D vs braking in N?

@Tester called it “noise” I would describe it more like a the “squeal of a Stuck Pig” and it will probably get worse the more you drive. It is a safety feature to warn you that it is time to replace your brake pads.

Sound to me like you need to rack and raise the vehicle, or put it on jack stands start inspecting the brakes, spin the wheels to see if you can duplicate the noise and then remove the wheels for further inspection, also check for any loose moldings, shields etc, check for loose steering & suspension parts, check for anything rubbing… Or take it to a pro shop and have a pro check it out… Better off, most of the time, finding an independent shop with a good rep and be prepared to leave the vehicle and pay for the inspection… If not something easily found, it may require a shop and or mechanic that has Chassis Ears…

If you could post a video of the noise we might be able to help identify the noise a little better…

+1 for brakes.

They should last around 30-40k miles.