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2010 Hyundai Veracruz - car won't start with reprogrammed key fob

The only smart key fob I was given when I bought the car was lost. A new fob programmed by dealership will lock and unlock my car BUT not start the engine. A new module and a new ignition lock installed will not start the car. Now I’m told the computer is locked out probably from multiple attempts to program a new fob. HELP ME PLEASE!!! My Veracruz was driving and starting fine for 3 months then the fob was lost. Dealership keeps installing new parts which is not the answer. How to unlock the brains/the computer of the car if it is in lockup mode. The computer needs to be reprogrammed to start the engine.

There should be a number in your owner’s manual for Hyundai Blue Link customer service. They are the division of Hyundai that handles the “connected car” issues for Hyundai vehicles. Sadly, some dealers are not as fluent with this technology as is needed