2010 Hyundai Santa Fe- oil light issue

low oil light flickers but oil is full. How do I check sender wireing for sender failure

this should help…
Hyundai Santa Fe (john-stichnoth.com)

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Oil level or oil pressure ?

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Oil level is full… oil PRESSURE is low…

It needs to be checked with a mechanical gauge to determine if the light is correct and the pressure is low, or the pressure sender is bad.


Before monkeying w/the sender, suggest to follow advise above. The problem could well be the sender or associated wiring, but you need to know for certain the oil pressure is actually ok otherwise the engine may be quickly damaged beyond repair.

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9 times out of 10, a faulty oil pressure switch will cause the oil light to flicker if there’s no unusual engine noises.



Definitely go get this checked out. You don’t want to “cheap out” on oil issues. Engines are really expensive.

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