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Oil Light comes on and flickers

I have a 2008 dodge avenger. Got an oil change last month. Drove out of town last night (40 miles) and when I got to the town my oil light came on. When I got to my buddies I checked the oil and it was fine. I drove it around a bit later and the oil light never came on. Drove back home this morning (40 miles) and when I got home the light started to flicker. It was never the solid color until I put it in park. Otherwise it just made the BING noise and the light just flickered or didnt come on at all

Does it sound like a sensor issue or could it be oil pressure? Like I said it didnt come on till I had droven the full 40 miles.

I wonder if they put the wrong oil grade in. What does your receipt say? Did this ever happen before?

i’d have to look at teh receipt. No its never happened before. I have plenty of oil in it. So I’m not sure what it could be

Definitely time to take it to a mechanic to have the oil pressure checked with a proper mechanical gauge. There is no other way to know if its the sensor, the actual oil pressure or as @texases, suggests, change the oil again IF it appears as though they put in oil that was too thin.

Don’t wait to do this. Low oil pressure can destroy your engine if not addressed quickly.


Mustangman is right. You need the actual pressure checked with a gauge immediately.

Agree, a shop oil pressure test is task number 1.

If the engine doesn’t make any noise when the oil light comes on and flickers, more than likely the problem is with the oil pressure sending unit.


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If the OP is up for it, check the sending unit for leaks (including disconnecting the connector to the unit to see if oil is inside). The unit might still be bad without a leak, but if there is a leak, it might save a trip to the mechanic for pressure testing.