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2017 Hyundai Elantra - Oil Pressure Light Comes On Intermittently


I bought a pre-owned Hyundai Elantra 2017 from a dealer yesterday and this morning the oil pressure light came on, but intermittently came back on and off as I drove to work. I checked the oil level later in the morning, and it was full. It seems to me that the gauge is faulty, but I’d like more opinions and what my next steps should be.


Oil pressure switch may be faulty.


As the second owner, your Hyundai has a 5 yr/60k power train warranty. Take it to the nearest Hyundai dealer.

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Your next step should be a trip back to the dealer to have them diagnose this.

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Thanks everybody. Made an appointment with the dealer for tomorrow, earliest they could get me in.

Just to prepare you, it is seldom the gauge. The likely cause is that this engine was run low on oil and now the bearings are worn or scored so badly that it doesn’t have enough oil pressure.

The oil level was full after the light flickered. The gauge/light/sensor may not be the issue but even if it’s not this doesn’t appear to be the OP’s fault.

I did not even imply that it was in any way his fault. I was just attempting to get him to realize how serious it can be and if the dealer offers to put him in another car at a reasonable price he should strongly consider it.

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Isnt this vehicle and the engine under its hood still embroiled in the dreaded Hyundai engine failures due to problems involving the oil passages inside the block?

You need to look up “Hyundai Oil related engine failure” on the net. I hope that is not what it is…but that is the very first thing that came to mind…since Hyundai has been having a nightmare of a time with oil related engine failures due to oil passage blockage for whatever reason.

You should be able to find out a ton of info on it on the net…its no secret anymore…Im just not sure of the years and engines involved specifically. Maybe yours is included…maybe not. Look it up

As far as I could find, all the noted problems or recalls are on earlier models up to 2015, haven’t seen anything for the 2017+. The car also only has 14,000 miles on it. I will keep in my mind that it may be more serious, however. Unfortunately.

OK, perhaps this is good news…or you are the one to discover the issue continues past their claimed dates? Hope not.

Assuming everything inside the engine is OK oil passage wise. I’d focus on being sure your engines oil is at the proper level and the proper viscosity. If the issue continues…Have an oil pressure test performed or do it yourself. The sensor might be going bad also of course. The oil pressure test will verify correct or incorrect pressure…and will help determine what to do next. Its either the sensor not reporting pressure correctly…or the pressure not being correct. Assuming there is no oil passageway failures of course.

Oil level, Oil viscosity, Oil filter…all need to be tip top. Then you move toward figuring if its the sensor…or the actual pressure.

That’s bout it.

P.S. You haven’t listed your Oil Change history and it is now coming into play here. Please dont tell us that the engine is on its first oil change…after 14K. You’d be surprised at the answers we get regarding this oft overlooked little bit of information.

OP just bought the car yesterday. I doubt they have done any oil changes on it. :wink:

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Oh… oops… Well I hope this isn’t the first time the former owner changed it then…

Don’t think that’s not on the menu in this day and age of non hood lifting car owners. Even Dealers…

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The car had its oil changed 3 times, twice in 2018, then a year later in 2019.

Took it to the dealer, it did end up being the oil pressure switch leaking oil out of the connector. All under warranty, fortunately.


I had the same problem years ago on an old Dodge. The sending unit had a pinhole where oil was leaking. A year between oil changes isn’t good but it sounds like you’ve avoided any harm for now. Follow proper maintenance and with any luck your new-to-you vehicle will give you many miles of faithful service.

Excellent ! Thank you for updating on your repair, glad to hear it was as minor as possible.

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I am very relieved for you.

Many vehicles in the last few years have oil changes at 5000 to 7000 or 12 months . Some even have more miles and it won’t void the warranty.

It might not void the warranty but it’s not necessarily what’s best for the car. I have my oil changed every 5000 (I went 6000 this last time but that was the exception) and that’s a good bit more frequently than once a year.