Oil light flickers



the oil light indicator flickers on and off occasionally. Dip stick indicates oil fill is fine. Any thoughts?


The quantity of oil in the crankcase has nothing to do with the oil pressure unless there is insufficient oil in ther crankcase to be pumped. If this were my car, I would have a mechanic use a mechanical gauge to assertain whether or not the car has sufficient oil pressure. If it does, you may just need a new sending unit. IF the pressure is low, then you need to find out why.


Mileage, type of oil used, would be helpful. If this only happens at idle, sitting at a stop-light after the engine is warmed up, it’s usually nothing to worry about…The light is controlled by an “oil pressure sender”, an inexpensive part that is easy to replace. That would be step one…


The first thing to suspect is the oil pressure sending unit. Mounted on the side of the engine next to the oil filter. These are the #1 cause of an oil light flickering.

If that doesn’t fix the problem, then it’s time to substitute the sending unit for an accurate oil pressure gauge.



i will have my mechanic take a look at it as advised. thanks


i will have the oil pressure sending unit check with my mechanic. thanks


150k, 10/40. happens in lower gears more than higher. i will have my mechanic check out the oil pressure sensor. thanks


If after following Tester’s advice you discover that the oil pressure really is low (I’ll assume here that the light is flickering at idle?), then be aware that in addition to simply being worn out, an engine idling too low can cause this. We had a poster here recently who asked about low oil pressure at idle when warm and his engine was only idling at 400 rpm.

Post back when you’ve proven the light right or wrong via a test gage.