2010 Honda CR-V - tires don't hold air well

We have a 2010 Honda CRV. From the begining there has been problems with all brand of tires holding air and as time has gone on its gotten worse. We have had the tire beads redone. We buy good brand tires so our conclusion is the rims chosen for this vehicle are bad. As of now at 180,000 miles, we need to add air every 2-3 days. One tire gets as low as 20 from the normal 32. It is a danger and very irritating in the winter especially

Two things 1. check with a wheel rebuilding shop for a price for all four 2. Price replacement wheels

Then decide which one will let you sleep at night.

$450 will get you 4 new aluminum wheels. Look here at Tirerack.com.

Call around to tire shops and ask if they can seal porous alloy wheels.

The son does this all the time where he works, so customers don’t have to replace the wheels.


Here’s an opportunity to get steel wheels, if they are available for your CRV. Likely they cost less and are less prone to leakage. Often the base models of a vehicle came with them, especially back in 2010.

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If it did this from the start, why wasn’t it fixed under warranty?