2016 Honda Civic Sdn - Tire leak

Goodyear tires: does not hold tire pressure

I see this problem several times a week and you don’t have to put up with this, punctured tires can be patched or replaced.

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Could be the rims or valve stems.

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If you spray soapy water over the tire, especially the bead area and the valve stem, you should see bubbles where it’s leaking, assuming the leak is severe enough.

It would help if you said how long it takes to leak the air out or what you have even done about it . Something as simple as going to a tire shop .

Thanks for sharing.

If you are willing to do work yourself, take the tire off and inspect the tread. There may be a nail or screw stuck in the tire. If you don’t want to, maybe a friend will take the tire off and you two can inspect it together. Otherwise, take it to a mechanic or tire shop and see if it can be repaired. If it’s flat, you can put Fix-a-Flat or another tire repair liquid in it and then take it to a repair shop. If you use Fix-a-Flat, the tire needs it be deflated before you add it. We did that in a very slow leak on a rarely used car. The tire was flat, and after adding Fix-a-Flat the pressure was 17 psi. Note that this method is temporary, and you really need to get it fixed or replaced. It’s only meant to get you to the tire store.

Thank you all for the responses. This is not just one tire, it’s all the tires. The notice “low tires pressure” can pop up after only 6 days after adjusting the air in all tires to 32lbs. Other times it can be two to three weeks. Taken the auto back to dealer at least 6 times, the air is adjusted and then the pressure notice pops up within a couple weeks. In fact one tire in July flattened out, The dealer was near by, and even before he put the auto on the lift, he checked to see if he had a replacement. He then came back and stated there was a nail in the sidewall of the tire. I believe the auto tech banged a nail in the sidewall, in order to not blame the failure to the real problem. Last week one tire was 27, one 31 and both back tires were 30 after one week of adjusting the air to 32. I have informed the Honda Corp. they suggested to go to another Honda dealer for their opinion. (At $130.00 per hour)

If you do use fix-a-flat as jtsanders suggested be sure to tell whoever fix’s the tire that
it is in the tire.

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If you still have the original tires they may simply be worn out. And I don’t know whether “dealer” refers to a tire store or a Honda dealer.