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2010 Honda CR-V feels like it won’t stay on the road

Despite $4000 worth of service the car continues to not ride properly. Daughter says driving 65 mph it feels as though the car is not staying on the road properly. Feels like when i big gust of wind hits you on a windy day and you hold onto the steering wheel.

I have a 2009 which does not at all respond like this. Have you tried taking it to other mechanics?

Sounds like alignment is off. Specifically the toe settings. Have it checked with on a 4 wheel alignment machine. If that is OK, it may be the tires on the car. Some are less stable to wind gusts than others.

This is an SUV that used to be small but is fairly large these days. Wind will push it around, that is physics. If it only just started doing this, then think back to that $4000 you spent, but didn’t tell us what you spent it ON, and try to remember what changed right before the car felt this way.

It might help if you told us how many miles on the car and what that $4K was spent on.

Has it every been involved in an accident?

My daughters 06 CRV drives fine, even in wind , but everytime I drive it, seems that caster is too short or the front wheels are too rearward towards the driver. It is aligned. That being said, maybe it doesn’t take much to throw it off, cause there is definitely something off with your daughters car. An alighnment is going to be needed no matter what is done, so it’s probably best to take it into a reputable alighnment shop. They should be able to find the problem. The suspension on these aren’t rocket science. My daughters CRV is a generation before yours and I know things in the suspension have changed, but for the better.