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Tire cupping on 2007 CRV

Has anyone had any issues with the tires cupping on the 2007 CRV after very low mileage?

If your tires are cupping, that would indicate that your front end needs attention–an alignment at the very least. What has the dealership said regarding your situation? I have a feeling that there is a lot more information here that you are not yet revealing to us.

I have had the alignment checked numerous times by the dealer. I have also paid close attention to the tire pressure. When I first noticed the problem was on my first set of tires that were on the vehicle when I had purchased it new. Around 12,000 miles I noticed a roaring coming from the tires as if I was running nobby tires. I took the car back to dealer and they notified me that my tires had cupped. I complained about it and eventually had to get new tires and the dealer offered to pay for two tires for me. I got new tires and had the alignment redone. Same story, have kept a close eye on the aligment and tire pressure but now I am getting ready to have to purchase my third set of tires due to the fact that the tires I have now are cupped and eaten up on the insides of the tires very badly. I have around 87,000 highway miles on the car and having to go for my third set of tires. Not happy at all aobut it. The dealer keeps telling me they can’t find whats causing the tires to cup so bad and that no one else has come in and complained about having the same problem. I owned a 2001 Chevy S-10 Blazer before purchasing my CRV, I owned that vehicle for almost 6 years and replaced the tires once in that time frame. I know tires are rated for a certain mileage, but driving alot of highway miles, you do get a longer life out of the tires. At least that has been my experience with all of my previous vehicles. I did take the car to another garage that wasn’t Honda to get a second opinion. They told me that I need to get an adjustable camber bar for the rear because that seems to be were the tires are cupping the most. When I have the tires rotated then it cups the set that was on the front. I basically put the question on here to try and see if anyone else out there has had this same problem because I feel that there is something wrong with my car and its an issue that I feel Honda should take care of but they keep giving me the run around about it. I take very good care of my car. I get regular maintenance on it and am not an overly aggressive driver. Just hoping someone can help.

Irregular wear is caused by misalignment and aggravated by insufficient inflation pressure and insufficient rotation practices.

It’s been my experience that the factory alignment specs (the tolerance, not the target value) are too wide by half. So you need to find an alignment tech who agrees with that - otherwise they will put the alignment (In Spec) and that’s just not good enough.

But you got - as best I can guess - about 60,000 miles out of a set of tires. If you didn’t rotate tires every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, then you did really good!!