2009 Ford Fusion - Multiple events

I was driving and the car shut off, but it restarted and ran for about a week and then it shut off and is now in shop. For the past 7 days. with all these recalls. I only have 95k

The only current recalls are for ABS and airbags, and the most recent is from December, 2019. 2009 Ford Fusion Recalls | Cars.com So surely your present problem is something else. I’m not a mechanic but I do know these things sometimes take a while to diagnose. Have you heard from the shop at all? Our regular guy would have at least called by now.

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You have had two recalls, how does equate to “all these recalls”?
You have a twelve year old car, old cars require repairs.


Complete engine shut-offs are usually one of these

  • no fuel (fuel pump failure, etc)
  • no spark (ignition system failure)
  • computer has detected something that could be unsafe or damage the car if allowed to keep running.

Years ago I had a VW Rabbit that would abruptly stop running while I was driving on the freeway. Turned out there were two separate causes. The first was a failing fuel pump relay; the second was a tiny crack in the ignition coil. On modern cars this sort of problem is usually diagnosed by first reading out all the computer’s diagnostic codes.