Car keeps shutting down

So i just changed the battery in my 2012 Ford Fusion. Everything is fine until i stop at a red light then my car won’t accelerate and the power steering locks up. The only lights to come on on

my dash is the Battery light and the oil light. Any ideas whats going on?

Off hand two problems.
Alternator/charging circuit failing.
Oil level low or internal problem.

I think your car May have electrical power steering, that’s why it is hard to turn when the battery light comes on.

The battery light and oil light normally stays on constantly with engine off key on. This is normal if your car is not running. If battery light is on while running you need to check battery cable connections and charging system. If your oil light is on while running, shut it off and do not run until oil pressure is confirmed. If both lights are off while running, the stalling issue needs to be resolved by checking for sufficient spark and fuel. I believe the check engine light should also be constantly on with key on engine off so it may not be working. If oil light is off while running, bring it to a parts store for a free code read and post the codes here in the
P0000 format and don’t buy parts until diagnosis is confirmed.