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2012 Ford Fusion - Stalls

Car stalls out in the midst of traffic. Unsafe to drive

If it’s that unsafe, I’d get rid of it!

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Then get it fixed. It obviously has a problem, it is 7 years old and I’ll bet the check engine light (the yellow engine symbol) is ON.

I had it in for service less than a month ago (approx. 850.00). The check engine light goes off when I restart the vehicle.

Have someone try cleaning the electronic throttle body.


There’s many things that could cause a stall. Since there’s some check engine light involvement apparently, there will be engine diagnostic codes stored in the computer’s memory. That’s where to start. For further help here, get those read out and post them. They usually start with a “P” followed by four digits. P0410 is an example.

Beyond that, common causes for stalling are

  • out of gas
  • idle rpm not adjusting to conditions properly
  • faulty ignition switch (try driving with just the one key in the switch, no key rings)

That’s normal.