Doge Carvan-Water leaks by Gas Pedal

98 dodge caravan leaks clear water (not anti-freeze)from heater core box. Condensation from AC is not draining.(drain is clear and completely dry)Is there anything I can do besides dismantling dash to get to ducting system? What could be causing this problem?

[b] AC is not draining.(drain is clear and completely dry) []

I think not. If it is clear it should be draining. I suspect it is not clear.

Do you have an idea where it might be blocked and how to unblock it? I removed the hose where it attaches to the drain at the passenger side floor board. Dry and nothing there.
I also poured water into the cowling under the windshield wipers and the drain worked.
Would compressed air blown into drain be harmful to anything? Would it do any good?
Would appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks

heatercore and evaporator always goes bad on those, could be a job not done right.

Thanks first person to imply that maybe it is the evaporator. Thanks At least a lead to go on.

you did say if only happens with the a/c on. if the water is present with a/c the drain is plugged up or the drain hose has closed on it is own. look on the lower right side firewall, some of the caravans has a small rubber tube attached by a clip spring. two problems first dirt from the road also if you park near trees leaves or neeedles can get down the air ducts and clog the tube. take the tube off and look for dirt. also heat from the engine will cause it to get soft and close up. look and see if it looks like it has sucked it self closed… you can cut a small amount from the tip . good luck

The drain is clean and clear. I already took off the hose and there is NO MOISTURE and there is NO OBSTRUCTION at the drain hole. The problem is further inside the vent system. If I run hose with compressed air…would that maybe clear it out. I can find no diagram of the vent system. If I knew what it looked like inside I might know how to get to where the problem is.