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2001 Chevrolet Impala’s front tires locked up

Front wheel drive 01 Chevy impala front tires locked up while accelerating from a stop sign. Heard a loud bang sounded as if engine dropped to the ground or like something major had snapped or broke . Then both front tires were locked up. Shift into all gears fine . Also can hear the change being made in the sound of the running engine . When pushing the gas petal it tried to start going but like something is locking up one wheel maybe . When jacked up and tires are taken off the cylinder will spin slowly when given some strength .
Things that might be useful for determining what could be wrong with my car that occurred before the brake down .

  • when in neutral or drive at a complete stop without being on the brake the car wasn’t rolling backward or forwards on an incline or on straight road . Only when hitting the gas petal it would move at all.
  • the engine would jump a little when being started

Well, for starters this sounds like broken motor/transmission mounts.
When a shop gets it, who knows what else they may find.

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