2010 Hyundai Accent - Can't turn the wheel

steering wheel wont turn

we would need a little more info to help. but,
if the wheel is hard to turn while driving then the power steering pump is probably bad or really low on fluid. if it is low on fluid then you need to find where it is leaking and fix it.

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Unusual problem by reports here. Several possibilities. Suggest to start w/proper shop inspection.

try putting the key in and turning it to “on/run”

Stay on only straight roads.


If symptom occurs w/engine off too, the key-steering wheel interlock anti-vehicle-theft mechanism (that prevents turning the steering wheel unless your key is inserted) may be stuck or broke. Ask a good shop to check that. May require replacing ignition switch mechanism.

Note sometimes this happens b/c car is parked in a way that puts a sideways force on one of the front tires. Like if the tire is wedged against a curb. If so, may have to push car away from curb first.