Frozen Tire

2013 Hyundai Elantra. When in reverse what feels like the rear passenger tire locks up as if it hit a curb. Brakes were replaced about 25,000 miles ago but visible brake dust and scraping sound coming from tire. Will move in drive no problem, and when put in neutral would reverse when pushed at first but once I started the vehicle felt like it was hitting a wall again. Thought it was a failed bearing at first but now wonder could it be transmission or some kind of seized caliper?

Look for a stuck caliper, or even a failed rubber brake hose on the corner.

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Pull the ABS fuse and see what happens.

Sounds like a transmission failure. Why do you believe the right rear tire has seized?

Why? To me, it sounds more like it’s easier for a relatively weak engine to pull a dragging rear wheel than to try to push it in reverse.

Doesn’t this have the separate parking brake in the rotor hat? If so, could be parking brake shoe shifting and jamming up in reverse?

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