2010 Chevrolet Van paint peeling

My white chevy work van (2010) is starting to peel paint off of hood. anyone have this issue? Recall???

Ask your local Chevy dealer to check for this. Recalls don’t happen for paint but there may be a dealer “program” that may cover all or half of this.

I’m assuming either a 2500 or 3500 Chevy Express

We have a ton of those in our fleet . . . and many of them have the same problem

All I can say is you’re in good company

I have access to the factory GM technical website at work, and I never saw anything about a recall, warranty extension or even a customer satisfaction program for peeling paint on those particular vehicles

To add insult to injury . . . if you show up at your local Chevy dealer, I suspect you’ll get no satisfaction, especially when they learn your van is used for work. Using a vehicle for your livelihood does affect warranty coverage in some ways, as far as I know

by the way, in all likelihood, it’s not going to be confined to the hood. It’ll eventually affect the entire van