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2010 Cadillac SRX -GPS issue

The “GPS” on the nav screen has a red line through it. I called OnStar and they can ping me in the correct location but the nav screen shows me about in another town. OnStar told me its a GM/Cadillac issue. Can anyone help me with this?

Yes, go to the Cadillac dealer for service. Bring money. Too complicated for even an above average DIY’er.

Sometimes removing the fuse and reinstalling it later can clear up problems with electronic devices. There may be some part of the system that draws a little power even when it’s off - maybe that’s the power that needs to be disconnected for a while.

OTOH, some electronics need to have a reprogramming or “flash” done if they have lost power. The dealer is probably the best option in either case - esp. since OnStar told you it’s a GM/Cadillac issue. The Cadillac dealer is probably familiar with the issue, or can quickly get the needed advice.

Did you have any service done just before this happened - like the battery disconnected for a while?

Bring lots of money. Cheaper to just use a $100 Garmin, or a smart phone, and turn off the one in the car.

Just an in vehicle GPS update can cost 200.00 dollars.