Volkswagen CC or Volkswagen Tiguan

Anyone have opinions about these 2 (2010) cars?

I have never owned a Volkswagen, more or less expensive to own than a Honda?

Any owners out there, with everyday driving experience?

VW’s are prettier but not as reliable and more expensive to own than a Honda. But you already knew that.

From Consumer Reports
We expect reliability to be much better than average, according to our latest subscriber survey."

The Base CC will end up costing around 26,000 - which seems about a mid level Accord which is about a fair comparison.

I’d throw the Passat in there, too. May not be a ‘pretty’ as the CC, but it’s the same car underneath, more room, less cost. Buy the new issue of Consumer Reports, all kind of information about all kinds of cars.

VW’s have more expensive maintenance if not included.

Over 5 years/100k it is a wash what is pricier, after that VW’s seem to drop down in reliability. The hard part about VW is dealership network is not great as a whole. There of course are exceptions. Most happy VW owners I know find a great independent VW versed mechanic and love them mostly.

The Tiguan is more expensive to maintain and repair than a a Honda CR-V. The CC is better compared to an Acura TSX. They will cost about the same to maintain or repair after you remove the free maintenance that VW gives you.

Have you looked at or driven either one? Have you compared either VW to the competing model from Honda? Check out the front seats (especially the driver’s seat) to see if you will be comfortable when you take a long trip. Both vehicles can use regular gas, but the VW prefers premium (no, it does not require premium) for maximum performance and gas mileage (turbo charged engine).

I prefer the interior design of the VWs over Hondas, and others prefer it the other way. The 2.0L turbo charged engine in the CC and Tiguan is a great engine. We have a Passat (same drivetrain and underpinnings as the CC) with that engine and can easily get 35 mpg on the highway, and yet get great performance when we want it.

You can probably get a CRV for less than the Tiguan. Only you can decide if you are getting more vehicle for the money. We all have different needs/desires for our vehicles.

As far as reliability goes, we also have an 8 year old Jetta TDI with over 100K miles and it is still running strong. Only thing that has worn out is the turn signal switch which can happen on any vehicle.

I have test driven the VW CC 3 times in the past couple of months.
I must say that I am very impressed with the car as a whole.
As a comparison, my current comparable car is an '07 Nissan Altima, which is just about identical in external dimensions.

I love the interior of the CC, and the seats are really nice.
The drive and road feel is responsive, and enjoyable, but is firmer than your typical American or Japanese car, and if that’s the type of drive you prefer, forget about any German cars.

The brakes are good, and the acceleration is fantastic. The turbo engine makes a huge difference here in Denver, at 5k feet and above.

The only concerns I have about the car is the rear seats are tight for taller passengers.
I would say that anyone 5’9" and above would not be too happy after a while. Plus, there’s only room in the back seats for two people, not 3 like typical sedans. I don’t know if our dog (Boxer) would be happy laying on the back seat in this car.

My friend bought an '09 VW GTI, which has the same 2.0 Turbo engine back in May of last year. He loves his car, and hasn’t had a lick of trouble in the 12k miles he’s put on it in the past year.

For me, I would love to have a CC, but I can’t really justify spending $7k more for the CC over the Altima, getting 1 less seat, and less rear head room for my infrequent rear passengers. I can get a v-6 Altima for less than a CC.

I would love to have one, however.


Did you look at the Passat?