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2009 Toyota Corolla - Won't go

I accelerate the car, the RPM moves but the car will not increase speed and will be making noise as if it is on nuetral

If that car has a manual transmission my first instinct would be time for a new clutch.

it is automatic transmission without a clutch

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Then your transmission either doesn’t have enough fluid in it or it is broken.

So when it broken what should I do???

There are only 2 options.
Option 1: Get it fixed.
Option 2: Don’t get it fixed.

It’s really that simple.


If the level of fluid is full, then you will need to look into the shift linkage both internal and external. There may also be an issue with the torque converter or the input shaft. Only further inspection will tell.

Have it towed to an independent transmission shop for a diagnosis and repair estimate. Ask friends, family or neighbors for recommendations. Avoid chains or franchise shops.

Good luck,

Ed B.

My mechanic purchased a new gear box and still find it difficult accelerating to change the spear. Making a voooooo sound then vibrates before changing