My niece just bought a 06 Scion with 85K miles. I advised her that a new timing belt would be a good. Is this correct? It’s a small coupe with a 4 cylinder engine.

Good news - that tC has the 2.4 l Toyota engine, so according to the Gates timing belt web site it has no timing belt.

If it’s needed, it will be listed in the owner’s manual. Based on what texases said, I doubt you’ll find it mentioned there.

@texases +1. denizens confirm that there is a chain and no belt.


Which Scion?

Which engine?

If it has the 2AZ-FE 4 banger . . . BEWARE

Toyota has published several bulletins (Toyota AND Scion) detailing the well known problem this engine has . . . stripped cylinder head bolt threads, in the block, that is.

I have a 2005 tC with over 200,000 miles stilll running like new. I love it. I’m keeping it forever. My son had a 2006 tC that ran perfectly until he traded it in a month ago for an Audi.

I’ll make two suggestions. (1) your niece should familiarize herself with the procedure for “initializing” the power roof and windows. Occasionally, perhaps once a year, the roof may develop a wind whistle and need to be “reinitialized”. The process takes about 60 seconds and involves absolutely no mechanical ability. It’s all accomplished with the rocker switch that opens the roof. And if the battery ever needs removal and a secondary voltage source isn’t attached, she’ll need to reset the roof and windows. Any Toyota dealer parts department should be happy to print her a copy pf the procedures.

  1. the air struts that hold up the hatch are a weak design. I’d suggest replacing them with heavy duty struts, available on the internet.

Other than these minor body hardware quirks, it’s and excellent car. If she maintains it and doesn;t abuse it, she should have a long and happy experience with it. I have.

Having said all that, I realize we have no idea what model she has.

Well, he said ‘coupe’ so it’s a pretty safe bet it’s the tC.

One would ass-u-me…