2009 Nissan Sentra clanging

my Nissan out of the blue had this clanging sound in the engine. no engine light or anything

Hi @rhonda47 could you tell us a bit more about your vehicle? Have you resolved the problem?

When was the oil level last checked? A lack of lubrication may have led to this issue. You could check now and let us know if the oil level is acceptable.

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Agreed with checking the oil. Clanging usually means a connecting rod bearing. If so, the engine is a time bomb.

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Oil is checked weekly it’s been fine and all maintaince is up to date.

How many miles on it? Does it do it when the engine is running and the car is stopped? Does the noise get faster or slower depending on car speed? The only noise I ever had on one of my cars that I would describe as clanging was from loose torque converter bolts. I bought that car used but it was 2 years 30000 miles before the noise started. I had done a fair bit of street racing with it.

Without hearing it I can’t really tell you what the problem is. Keeping the maintenance :“up to date”: may not mean sufficient in some cases.

IF the car has fairly high miles and the oil was changed with a 7 to 10k miles interval it’s entirely possible for a rod bearing to go.

A decent mechanic should be able to listen to it and determine the cause. A rod bearing knock is a deep, hard metallic knock. A tinny clatter or rattle usually means a problem with a timing chain or valve lifter.