2012 Sentra

I have 2012 sentra with CVT transmission & 60,000 miles. I just got 60,000 miles service done. Service adviser called me to let me know that I need to have replaced upper strut bearing on the front (left & right) replaced because they are making clunking noise when turn wheels or parking. When I asked for the reason why they should go bed he told me that it’s normal, some sand other debris could clog there or water could have damaged it. The replacement cost is $166 each.
I’d like ask you experts if there are any reasons of this happening, how serious is this thing and should it really cost 320+ dollars? I’d appreciate your help with this.

Did you show up there and ask them about the clunking noise? It seems rather early to be having such an issue - though it would depend a lot on what kind of driving you do and what average road conditions are like.

If you have concerns about the car (e.g. clunking), ask around for your best locally owned shop that specializes in “alignment” work. Ask them to check things over and advise you.

If there is some reason that the strut bearings need replacement, IMHO, there’s a lot to be said for just doing the struts too. The whole assembly has to come apart anyway, and that is where a lot of the cost comes in. A strut bearing alone is not very expensive, but the labor is.

Sounds dubious to me. Do you hear the clunking noise yourself? I doubt it, and think the shop is selling unnecessary work. If this is a dealership, that’s probably what’s happening.

At the very least, use your own ears. If you don’t hear the clunking noise, drive on and ignore the advice. If you do hear/feel a clunking, take it somewhere else for a second opinion. But I have a hard time believing a car as new as yours has bad suspension parts.

Thanks. I have never heard that noise and that made me skeptical. thanks for your advise.

Just beware that dealerships have a standard practice of trying to sell pretty much every service customer unnecessary work.

I suggest you find a trusted local independent mechanic who won’t do this. Check the “mechanics files” section fo this website to find a reoommended mechanic in your area. Don’t go back to the dealership unless absolutely necessary.