Car problems


when i start my car it makes a clacking noise so i dont drive it anymore, but here is the thing i took the oil pan off and i didnt see a broken rod and from the bottom the pistons look ok and everything seems to be in place, i ran the car with out oil and this is what it did after that, so would i have to replace the rod bearings and maybe that will be the solution i dont know. the car starts ok it just makes the clacking sound kind a loud, so any suggestions, anything would help. Thanks.


Have you taken off the valve cover to see what is there? If everything looks good from the bottom try,if the valve cover is easily accessible, looking at the rocker arms underneath the valve cover .


What kind of car? Does it have hydraulic valve pistons? You probably collapsed the valve adjusters by running with no oil. The issue is has the car adjusted back? You may just have one or two collapsed adjusters and a bit of tweaking may fix that.


eyeballing a crankshaft and pistons with the pan removed is a waste of time.
you need to drop a couple of rod and main bearing caps and see what, if anything, is left of the bearing surfaces and crankshaft journals.
in some cases, if the lack of oil was severe enogh, one may see some heat discoloration on the bearing caps or crank journals. if that’s the case then the crank is a goner for sure.

unless you have the micrometers and the ability to use them accurately, understand how to use plastigage, to know exactly what you’re looking at. etc., you’re probably just asking for trouble by simply throwing a set of bearings into it.


not to be disrespectful, but… if you ran an engine with no oil… well. good luck. next time keep the oil IN it.


its a 98 integra grs dohc vtec the clacking sounds like is coming from the bottom end but u can also hear it on top kind of.


when i took the oil pan off there was alot of like little aluminum flakes like something was grinding against each other.


I hate to be a purveyor of gloom, but there are so many internal thing sthat quickly self-destruct without oil that it’s hard to guess. Main bearings and rod bearings, cylinder walls, rings, lifters, any and all bearing surfaces.

I really think you need to start considering a boneyard engine. This one would need a total rebuild. Or you could always drive with earplugs on! At least until it seizes up.


You spun a bearing. Now you need to spun some mun and drop a rebuild in.


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