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2009 Nissan Murano - transfer case estimate too high?

i have a 2009 nissian murano and nissian service told me the transfer case is leaking and will need to replaced soon, at a cost of 5000. dollars seems a bit high don,t you think?

You definitely need a second opinion

Is the fluid level low?

Spots on your driveway?

why won’t they give you an estimate to reseal it?

There’s a customer interest bulletin re transfer case leaks on this vehicle, 11-017B. Suggest your shop reviews this if they haven’t already. I expect they have. Apparently certain VIN numbers (based on the date of manufacture) require the transfer case be replaced if it leaks. You may be able to see the bulletin by Googling. If not a dealership will probably give you a copy.

Re the $5000 estimate, assumng the dealership isn’t offering a discount b/c of the customer interest bulletin, probably within range of what I’d expect for a dealership. You may be able to get it done for a little less at an independent shop, installing a xfer case from a wrecked Murano, I’d guess.

If I had that problem I’d ask if it was possible to convert the vehicle to 2WD, and lose the transfer case completely. From what I see a front wheel only drive version was an option.