2004 Nissan Murano


My car off and on will not shift into reverse or park. Car usually resets itself after 20 minutes. Dealer cant get it to do it when they have it. Car also had to have new transmission put in only has 25,000 miles. Any ideas on whats wrong? Do I need to get rid of car feel like I have a lemon?


A good discussion on the Murano here: http://theoildrop.server101.com/forums/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=806323&page=0&fpart=all&vc=1

If this car has the CVT transmission, I’d get rid of it. As a former owner of an expensive-to-repair car, I have no faith in that technology. I’ve heard the Murano cost to repair the CVT is $6000 minimum.


I meant to say: expensive-to-repair CVT car. My Audi A4 costs $8000 to repair the CVT - never again. But ask around, find out the worst case scenario if the transmission does go out so you know for sure what you’re dealing with.


I have to agree about the CVT tranny. I looked at the Murano when it first came out. But discounted it when I heard about the tranny. It’s NOT a very durable tranny and it can NOT be repaired. They are basically throw away trannies.


It’s very unsettling what’s happening with CVT transmissions and the cost of repair. Because they are a sealed, closed design on the Audi, they can’t be repaired and they have to replace the entire transmission. The part alone is $6000 and it’s 1 1/2 days labor at $120 an hour.

The service technician told me it was a ‘dirty secret’ that Audi won’t admit. My coworker had a similar experience with Nissan.

The CVT car owner today is a future used car owner’s problem. Since the CVT started to become more popular about 5 years ago, there will be more of these transmissions on the used car market.

People need to be warned that sometimes it’s possible to flash the computer to make the transmission respond better as a temporary fix. The used car buyer will then have an expensive problem later on.

Before buying one of these cars used, call around and make sure the cost to repair and/or replace at different shops. If they can’t service that transmission, or if the cost is insanely expensive - stay away.