Nissan Murano trasfer case

Dealer just told me the transfer case in my 07 Murano went bad and needs replaced after 81k miles. The rear differential was replaced March of 08 while still under warranty. Could these two issues be related? If so, do I have a leg to stand on in trying to argue they need to bear some responsibility?

The two problems could be related. If the rear differential was replaced because of a locked electronic coupler or overload failure of the rear bearings or gears, that would indicate that the rear differential was binding against the front which would mean an overload of the transfer case bearings and gears.

What are the symptoms of the transfer case being bad? Is it making noise? If so what type of noise (growl, whine, roar, etc.)? Were the symptoms of the rear differential the same as the symptoms of the transfer case?

This is an interesting situation as I do not have much information on how the electronic coupling works. It appears to be a sealed unit inside the rear differential between drive shaft and the pinion nose.

Keep us appraised of the progress on this issue.

Just wondering where you ended up with the transfer case diagnosis… I’m looking to buy an 07 Murano SE AWD that is exhibiting symptoms of a bad rear differential (slightly “grabby” during low speed turns), and I want to avoid any future issues with the transfer case. Dealership can replace the diff, but I’m afraid damage to the transfer case has been done and will not necessarily show itself while the powertrain is still under warranty (only 11k more miles). Thanks