Transfer assembly on 2010 Murano

In 12/2014, Nissan dealer says the transfer assembly needs overhaul seals, rings, etc according to dealer because of leakage noted by my local reliable oil change folks. Dealer says parts will cost about 200 labor 993.60 to a tune if 1246. Mileage is 92,000. When the Murano had 14,000 miles had to have a new transfer assy, cvt tranni put in by another dealer which they had to replace twice over a 6 month period due to mechanic error. It was covered under warranty but I have always been suspicious because this dealer later was found guilty of fraud sued by Nissan and then had all their cars confiscated and the dealership was closed down. In the back of my mind, I keep thinking hm did they replace the part correctly. This new dealer says that they have no record of this original work. I have a receipt. Bottom line current dealer says it isn’t under warranty I have to pay. They gave me the consumer affairs hot line if I want to contest it. Do I have a case for saying it is related to the original work being unsatisfactory? Vicki

Call Nissan rep for your area and explain what happened. The previous dealer may not have even done the work. I would contest it.

Probably not. If the dealership isn’t finding any faults with the repairs done at 14,000 miles and it’s been fine for 80,000 mile since the repair. You should get an estimate from a couple reputable privately owned shops for the work. It’ll save you some money compared to the dealership doing the repairs.
Good luck


The price of the parts won’t change much, dealer versus independent

But the labor rate at an independent will be significantly lower. Might be able to save $300 on labor. That was just a wild guess, by the way

Given you drove 80k without issues the install was fine. Just a crappy part from Nissan. Call the rep and maybe Nissan will have mercy on you and pay for at least part of the repair.

Thanks for all your input. Nissan won’t cover parts or repairs under warranty but at least I put them through the hoops with several lengthy polite but insistent phone calls–some satisfaction. Bottom line the SUV did go 84,000 miles without incident. I got several bids all of whom were half of what the dealer quoted. I am going with the repair shop with best reputation and is AAA recommended. Again thank you.

Just curious . . . Who made the recommendations for the repair shop?

Yelp . . . or friends and neighbors?

Good for you that you shopped around

In choosing the repair shop, I talked to two friends who are particular about their vehicles both old and new also acquaintance of a tow truck driver and the fact it was Triple AAA endorsed. Looked at YELP but live in a rural area that people typically only use YELP for restaurants but it did have one glowing recommendation. Also I went in person to talk with the mechanic having been armed by two other estimates and assessed how he treated me (woman), questions he asked, the fact that he has worked on Muranos. I of course will YELP after the work is done. Thanks for your question.