Honda power seat

I have a 1998 Honda exv6 and the driver’s power seatback will not move .I was told that I need a new motor to fix the reclining feature.Where would I get this part?How hard is it to install?How much would a mechanic charge for the job?

Many thanks

I have no idea how difficult it may be to change out, but I would suggest the dealer or even better a auto recycle yard for the source.

No doubt the motor could be bad but I would suspect the real problem is with the wiring to the motor. This is mainly because of the small amount of work duty that is required of the motor. Before you replace the motor you may want to check that out. By placing power directly to the motor you can check and see if the motor is really ok or not.

Thank you

How would I go about doing that?

This is one of those “If you have to ask…” questions. Take it to an auto electric specialist or an auto upholstery shop. Get their estimate.