2009 Honda Pilot shudder

I’m no A/T expert and have only owned a total of three 4th gear overdrive ones. 3rd gear is not overdrive and those who suspect a torque converter locking/unlocking problem are most likely correct. Hopefully it is just a bad solenoid. My youngest Son has a 2002 Ford F-350 which would not shift into 4th. AAMCO gave their standard diagnosis of a complete $3,000+ transmission overhaul. He was crying the blues. I checked with a couple of car guy friends and had a local retired Ford dealership transmission guy recommended. Less than $150 and a solenoid later my Son had a transmission performing as new. That was over 2 years ago and still no problems.

I thought it might be a solenoid myself, otherwise the transmission shifts reall smooth. I had the trans serviced every 60k just oil and a new filter no flush.

I had pretty much the same shudder from my 2009 pilot. At certain rpms/speeds it would shake like heck. The vibration seemed to happen more often and shake harder over a period of a few months. I talked to a honda tech who suggested changing the trans fluid. That fixed it. His explanation was that the fluid viscosity needs to be right for the torque converter to function properly. As a test, there is a small button on the left side of the gear shift column which takes the vehicle out of overdrive. If you do not notice the vibration while out of overdrive, it may be the trans fluid. I asked him about the lockout solenoid, he said if it was malfunctioning there would be an error code raised by the transmission which they would have seen in the diagnostics. hope this helps.

Thanks for the info. I had the trans fluid changed every 30k and had the front and rear diffs changed regularly. The dealer kept telling me there was no problem, so I took their generous trade in and bought a new one.

Where did you trade your car in at? I believe I might have your car. I have a 2009 Honda Pilot I bought around that time and it does the same thing. It was even had a dent in the back where it has been hit.

Are you in CT? The body on my Pilot was in perfect condition with no dents at all.

Please PM me with any details you can provide. I have a '12 ODY I would like to use this device on if at all possible. If nothing else I can try and understand how it works and translate that to my van’s hardware. Thanks!

My ODY has done this since day one. Yes, using the OD disable button offers relief but so far no one can say for sure if the VCM function is also disabled. I have seen it mentioned both ways- some say the ECO light has nothing to do with the TC or VCM engagement. It’s just a light indicating that you’re running at high efficiency. The ECO light comes on regardless of OD disable switch…

I have a similar issue, wonder if mine is a torque converter issue as previously mentioned or if really the transmission. The shudder happens when my automatic does not downshift to appropriate gear if I have slowed down in speed and then when I begin to accelerate it “shudders” in order to go accelerate to gear still stuck in. Hoping someone has experienced the same and can shed some light.

My pilot 2013 is doing the exact same thing. Did they ever fix yours and what was the issue? We just got ours back from the dealer and they said it was the torque converter but it is still doing it. Ironically ours was also rearended with only minor bumper damage. I’m dreading calling them back because we exchanged words the first time around. They tried saying nothing was wrong so I finally went in there and drove the technician around until it did it, then they finally agreed and repaired the torque converter…but like I said, it still is doing it. Thanks!

Suggest you post your Pilot’s problem as a separate thread @James_Swartzentruber , you’ll get better results here. Click “maintenance/repairs” upper left, then “new topic”, upper right.

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What ended up being wrong with it and what was the fix?

Ok! I have been having this issue for years. Have described to my mechanic who could not find issue. I thought it would be a transmission or engine failure issue!

My mechanic realized I needed a new harmonic balancer (he replaced for free) and it has solved this issue. I recommend all with this issue to replace immediately. It has stopped the rumble strip shake and possibly saved my engine.

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Can you let me know the name of the device please? I have a 07 that has the same problem and I would love to fix it. Thanks…

I don’t think an 07 has the cylinder deactivation system that year. It’s a vcm muzzler.