At 40rpms it feels like I'm driving on rumble strips

Honda CRV 2009 134k mi

I had an issue where when traveling about 40mph it felt like I was driving over rumble strips. I took my car to two valued service stations with no fix. I eventually googled it and found lots of folks who’d experienced the same. Their fix was flushing out the transmission fluid.

When I brought the car back to my mechanic, explaining why I wanted to flush out the trany fluid, he laughed but obliged me. Guess what? No more rumbling from the front end!

You were probably experiencing a problem with the Torque Converter Lockup mechanism.
Just for future reference, you should be changing your trans fluid every 30k miles, and you should use ONLY genuine Honda trans fluid.

Did you go back and tell the mechanic the fluid change fixed it?
That might save him and a customer some time in the future.

I sure did!

Thank you. I’m not sure what brand of oil they used but will be sure to keep up with it in the future.