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All Shook up!

I Have a 2003 Honda Accord ex V6, 150,000 Plus Miles and i have a Shake that comes and goes ,most promident on hard excelaration.Tires was the first Choice got tires it helped, but still there. Plugs Changed over due idles and runs Better but Shake is still there .Had it Checked by Macanic Solid under car but, Needed Two engine mounts Repaced but sill there .

Any Ideas, if you Could at wits end.

If it is mostly associated with acceleration, and given what you’ve done, I’d be looking at (most likely) inner CV joints on the half shafts.

Thanks Alot. Does this meen replace the CV’s, or the ends that go into the Trans case are bad. Thank again i will look into Fixing it.

It just means that you replace the entire halfshaft assembly. Its the most cost effective way and much easier then mucking around with trying to replace a joint.

A good shop should be able to do something to verify that this is the problem. I’m just making my best guess based on what you said.

It was one of a long list of problems each one a addresed helped. But that was the ticket I replaced it last night and …Thank you again It worked.